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Screening for injury prevention

It is quite normal to find there are areas of imbalance in the human body.  This can change our  movement patterns and the way we do things. Some of our muscles may be shorter or tighter, we might be stronger on one side than the other.  Physiotherapists are expert in establishing the reasons why.  Screening isn’t a fitness test.  It is a comprehensive examination of muscle length, strength, functional activity, adaptive postures and neural mobility. Once the results have been analysed, your physiotherapist will explain their findings and provide a corrective exercise programme tailored to your individual needs.

Screening is useful for individuals who suffer persistent or recurrent injuries, or that niggle that just keeps coming back to haunt you!

If you are considering a return to exercise; screening will enable you establish  your ability to cope with the demands you will be placing on your body.

If you compete or exercise at a higher level, screening can give you valuable information specific to potential injury and injury prevention.