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Motorcycle injuries

Motorcycle injuries are a specialist field; our goal is to achieve a functional riding position.

Lead Clinician Cath Davis has been instrumental in establishing and providing the physiotherapy service for the TT, The Southern 100, and, in 2014, became the Physiotherapy provider for the Manx GP and Classic TT.  She has also been Consultant Physiotherapist on ITV4’s Documentary covering Conor Cummins’ return to recovery and appeared in TT3D Closer to the Edge.  She sponsors the Enduro World Champion Jamie McCanney and has provided his physiotherapy since 2010.

It doesn’t matter if you ride socially or are at world class level, Cath’s experience with complex multi-trauma patients, biomechanical assessment and on-site physiotherapy provision at races (where fast recovery is essential) will assist you in achieving your goals.  Where applicable, this will involve working in conjunction with a rider’s other medical advisors, team mechanics and the hyperbaric chamber.  We will formulate the combined medical and technical approach needed to achieve the best outcome for every individual.

Complex injuries can need a great deal of physiotherapy input.  If this is the case, discounted rates and sponsorship is available.  Please call the clinic for details.