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Examples of Conditions Treated

A bursa is a fluid filled sac that exists in the body where tissue needs to glide over bone. It is a friction reducing cushion positioned to afford movement and protection. The bursa that sits between the heel bone and the insertion of the achilles tendon is called the tendocalcaneal bursa. Occasionally it can become inflamed in response to overload, injury or infection. This usually begins with pain and irritation at the back of the heel. There may be visible redness and swelling. Footwear may further irritate the condition, making it difficult to tolerate anything that applies pressure over the area.

Achilles tendonopathy
Tiny tears in the tissue of the tendon can occur in response to general use and overload. Scar tissue is laid down by way of repair. This process can continue to the extent that a nodule forms within the tendon. The tendon may be noticeably thickened and tender to the touch. Pain is present with walking, especially when pushing off on the toes. This degenerative condition without inflammation is called tendonosis. The weakened, degenerative tendon can predispose to actual rupture of the Achilles tendon.

Achilles tendon rupture
An Achilles tendon rupture is usually an unmistakable event. Patients can report hearing a snap and will describe the feeling of being kicked in the calf. Following rupture the calf may swell, and the injured person usually can’t rise on to their toes. The tendon can also sustain partial rupture.